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Lori Rae Martin

AudioGirl Co-Owner and Music Director

Producer, Musician, Singer, Composer, and Music Educator

Formal Music Education
Bachelors – Vocal Performance and Composition, CSULB
Masters Music Program – Jazz Studies and Arranging, CSULB

Ms. Martin creates and produces original music for AudioGirl projects (playing/programming all instruments), maintains recording studio as lead audio engineer, and supervises all audio and video productions for broadcast and non-broadcast projects.

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(VO, Sylvia)

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Produced, performed, and written by Ms. Martin, the following goofy tracks were played on KBIG, Los Angeles every Friday. They feature the captivating lead vocal stylings of Sylvia Aimerito with friends lending background vocals. For the Halloween session we needed a  “monster” VO at the last minute. The nice guy painting the house was kind enough to step in the booth. Heaven will help the working girl. 🙂





Lori was a featured composer contributor to a terrific book about composing for multimedia. Click on title below to learn more.





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Wedding/Cocktail Set Medley


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