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AudioGirl Co-Owner and Creative Director

Voice Over Actor and Casting Director, Producer, and Broadcaster

With the experience of having been a Los Angeles on-air radio personality for over twenty-five years, Sylvia is a seasoned master at knowing how to use the voice to enhance the all-important message.

In addition to an accomplished broadcasting career she’s an in-demand voice over actor.  Trust us; this AudioGirl KNOWS how to deliver copy.

An accomplished producer, her Creative Director responsibilities include: maintaining and casting a stellar roster of VO talent, audio recording engineering and editing, and hands-on supervision of all audio and video productions for broadcast and non-broadcast projects. (She’s also one heck of a bass player).

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To hear more examples of Sylvia’s VO work, visit our VIMEO and YOUTUBE channels.



Sylvia was a featured contributor to a terrific VOICE OVER book. Click on title below to learn more.



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